CMS Athletic Participation

Fall sports are just around the corner. Below are the revised guidelines for athletic participation at CMS. These guidelines will also be published in our student handbook.

Participation on CMS athletic teams and FMRSD athletic teams will be open to all students in grades 7 and 8 who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Student Handbook. Participation by 6th-grade students in CMS athletics will only be permissible under specific circumstances, including when there are insufficient players to field a team. Participation by 6th-grade students in FMRSD regional sports, such as football or track, will follow the district guidelines. 5th-grade students may not participate in middle school athletics at CMS and are encouraged to join the local recreation programs to further develop their skills and abilities. The purpose of this is to ensure fair and inclusive participation while maintaining the integrity and competitiveness of middle school athletic programs.


Insufficient Players to Field a Team:

  • ●  If a middle school team does not have enough players from 7th and 8th grade to

    form a complete roster to compete in a particular sport, 6th-grade students may

    be eligible to try out for the team.

  • ●  The decision to allow 6th-grade students to participate will be made by the

    athletic director, in consultation with the coach and school administrator.

  • ●  Roster sizes may be limited in order to maximize player participation and


    Participation Requirements:

  • ●  All participating students must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the

    CMS Student Handbook, including maintaining academic standards, attendance,

    and behavior expectations.

  • ●  All participating students must complete the required athletic paperwork, including

    consent forms, physical examinations, and any other necessary documentation.

  • ●  All participating students must attend a meeting to understand and acknowledge

    the expectations, responsibilities, and potential challenges associated with participating in middle school athletics.

Playing Time:

  • ●  Efforts will be made to provide all students with a fair and appropriate amount of

    playing time, taking into consideration the overall team dynamics and the

    competitive nature of the sport.

  • ●  The coach will determine the specific playing time allocation, with the aim of

    fostering skill development, team cohesion, and equitable opportunities for all


  • ●  Playing time may not be the same for all athletes.


● Registration for sports is handled through You will need to

create an account and then you are able to register your athlete. Registration is required for each sport.